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A couple more pictures…

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I went to get my new phone today… my very own Svmsnug! I just love it! Facebook me for the number.Β 

When we got back from lunch and getting my phone, there was a power cut in the building so I went out and took some pictures for you guys.

I forgot to show you guys my princess bed when I posted this morning. Notice all the crap on my bed? It’s such a pain in the ass getting out of the net that I try to keep as much stuff inside with me! Getting up to pee is the only thing I haven’t gotten around yet, and I usually have to struggle out of the net at night cause I seem to be drinking about 3L of water a day here!
This is the road to our office. I don’t know if you can see, but they plow the roads after it rains (it rained last night) because otherwise the roads are really hard to drive on!
Where I work!
The office. It’s got air conditioning! It’s really hot right now (you sweat even while sitting still), but it’s supposed to get cold in the coming months. I asked them what cold was, and they said “oh, 18 or 20 degrees” HA!

When I got back, my colleague (the motorcycle one – one of these days I’ll be learning his name!) decided to give me my Malian name. It’s a tradition that I had already been told about, and people constantly tease each other about their family names – you are either smaller/taller/stronger/funnier etc than everyone else, depending on your name. I am now known as Fatumata Diara – the Diara are the strongest, most honest people. We’re just like lions, really πŸ˜€


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