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So far so good!

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I’ve had the chance to speak to a couple of people from home already, and the most obvious question is “so! how’s Africa?”

Africa is good. I actually haven’t formed an opinion yet, I feel like I’m kind of coasting along. Nothing is really shocking or hard to deal with yet… I’ve only been here for a couple of days, so I’d be off to a bad start if things were already annoying me! I don’t know, I guess I’ve grown up a bit, or worked on my expectations. I’m taking things as they come, and letting everything sink in. I can’t say that I love it, but I certainly can’t say that I hate anything either.

So far though, like I said, things are good. I’ll write another post soon about what I’ve been eating, but until then, here are a couple of things that I like :

  • In Mali, people almost expect you to nap after work. You go home, and you go to bed for a couple of hours. No one is offended. Score!
  • When I used to walk down the street in Latin America, I was used to hearing men yell lewd things (or declarations of love) at me. In my neighbourhood, all I hear is children yelling “BONJOUR!!” with so much excitement, and I know that they’re talking to me because I’m the only one who doesn’t speak Bambara!
  • People bring you sweet black tea all the time. It’s awesome.
  • There’s a pizza place five minutes from my house. They have goat cheese.
  • The only bugs I’ve seen so far are a couple of mosquitoes.
  • There’s a palm tree growing right outside my bedroom door.
  • I have my own office, with my bird buddy knocking on my window, air conditioning and internet access.
  • It’s 32Β° today.

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