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I’ve been walking around my neighbourhood, wishing my eyes were cameras. There are so many things I want to show you guys – the chickens and goats everywhere, the women carrying heavy loads on their heads with their babies strapped to their backs, the state of disrepair of most things, the beautiful colours of everyone’s clothes. I’ve been unsure, however, as to whether or not to take my camera out. Not because I feel unsafe, but because I feel uncomfortable – this is someone’s life, and I don’t know if I should be taking pictures of it. I went out anyway, thinking that I’d give it a shot. To my great surprise, a lot of people wanted me to take their picture – kids and adults alike. Others eyed me warily, and so I made a point of not touching my camera in front of them, so they would know that I wasn’t planning on taking their picture.

Here are some of these pictures – you’ll notice that some are the result of people asking to be photographed, while others were shot from the hip with auto-focus, just to give you guys a glimpse of my neighbourhood’s daily life. Hopefully, once I’ve lived in the neighbourhood for a bit longer, I’ll be able to get some better pictures.


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