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Day 6 : Kamloops


I left Gatineau at 9 am on October 8th, planning to be in Vancouver tonight around 9pm. And then yesterday happened, and I got tired of driving. And then it rained ALL through the Rockies. So, at 6, when I drove into Kamloops, I gave up for today. I decided that I can handle my remaining 4 hours tomorrow. I was supposed to stay with a friend in Vancouver tonight, but I’m happy for her that I didn’t. You know that feeling when you’re tired of being in your own body and everything annoys you? Yeah, that’s me. Better not to interact with fellow humans, methinks. And now I’m in bed eating pizza. Bliss!

So! Here I am, 4 hours and one ferry ride away from my new home. I’m super excited to get settled in and start my new job on Monday. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve seen and done in the last 6 days :

I drove 4093 kilometers through 6 provinces and 3 states – I saw one living fox, four dead foxes, and a dead dog (sad face – a One Week moment that I did not want to live), but no moose or elk or mountain goats, even though all the signs promised that I would – I drank four liters of chocolate milk – I stayed in 3 hotels and with 3 friends, all Katimacontacts – I drove through way too much rain – I listened to 426 songs (that didn’t seem like much, but I counted and that’s actually 28 hours of music, and some songs I listened to at least 10 times… And yes, I just went through my iPod and counted the songs. I’m surprised at how many never got played!)

Aaaaaaaaanyway. I’m going to go and give my full attention to my pizza.

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day 6 : Kamloops

  1. Having never made this trip or been farther west in Canada than London, Ontario, oh the shame!, I didn’t realize that it was necessary to enter the US to make the trip. I shall have to look at your map again. And Alex, a hotel room, alone, pizza, peace: I go away on my own a couple of times a year just to revel in that isolation. Sometimes being totally alone, no obligations, is fantastic. Not that I’d ever want a steady diet of it!!

    • You don’t have to go through the States. Mapquest will suggest that you only go through the states, as it is about 5 hours shorter than going through Canada. It would also be cheaper, in theory, because gas is about $1 a liter, but then I would have had to stay in hotels all the way, and I think it would have balanced out. You can go through without leaving Canada if you go up through Timmins and Thunder Bay, but going through Sault Ste Marie and Duluth allowed me to go directly underneath Lake Superior, saving about three hours. I don’t know how you feel about sitting on a train for 6 days, but that’s been my favourite way of getting here, if ever you do decide to travel West! I still think that the Maritimes are the most beautiful place in Canada, but the West coast comes in at a close second 🙂

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