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I hate vegetables, part 2


My mum has always made things from scratch. We never had cake or anything made from a mix, we always had homemade jam and spaghetti sauce, my dad came back from trips with amazing recipes, etc. etc. I now realize that not every family is like that, and I feel pretty lucky.

On the other hand, my family likes to eat out a lot. We go to the restaurant at least once a week. In the past, I’ve been known to eat out every day.

Then, I started working for Katimavik. The kids made all our meals from scratch, and we had all our meals together. Not only did I lose a lot of weight, but I saved a lot of money. And I felt better. (They also made me eat vegetables. Yech.)

Since I moved here, I haven’t been eating out as much. I don’t have much money, and Gibsons is pretty small, with limited options for restaurants, but tons of farmers’ markets. Hence my previous post, about looking for inspiration to eat in. I just got a new kitchen table that I’m a little bit a lot in love with, and I think that it’ll help. My friend Vanessa also told me about this great blog, http://noteatingoutinny.com/.

The author of the blog wrote this pretty sweet article :

Cathy Erway: Top 9 Reasons For Not Eating Out.


Keep those recipes and blogs coming folks!


2 thoughts on “I hate vegetables, part 2

  1. Chopped avocados + a chopped apple + pieces of thinly sliced onion + cherry tomatoes (I hate them so I always leave them out) + lemon juice + feta cheese in olive oil with herbs + salt/pepper = super yummy salad that everyone enjoys!

    Ok, now that I think of it everything in this recipe is a FRUIT! oups!

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