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It’s Tuesday again! Photo time!


Did Tuesday take anyone else by surprise? How is it Tuesday again already?! I was hoping to put together at least one new FAQ post, but time just slipped away from me! In any case, here’s this week’s travel photo! 336335_10150849787900693_2001167490_o

I took this picture at an orphanage in Bamako. There were many rooms filled with babies, and one room for the older kids, who for one reason or another have not been adopted. How do you feel about this kind of picture? I’m always conflicted – these kids were super excited for me to take their picture, but is it the right thing to do? Ultimately, I feel ok with them as long as I don’t sell them for personal profit. I actually took these for a French man whose NGO represents the orphanage.

2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday again! Photo time!

  1. I think these pictures are fine as long as they’re used appropriately. As an adoptee from another country, I get a little uncomfortable when people use these photos to describe international adoption. They should only be used to describe orphanages.

    Anyway, great photo! Glad I stumbled on this!

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