Where's Allie?

Lend me your eyes, I can change what you see


Five minutes later…


Remember five minutes ago when I just posted about my colleague buying a motorcycle? And how I think he’s crazy? And how the traffic is crazy, and cars and motorcycles swerve in and out, within an inch of each other? And how people who ride motorcycles here must be crazy?


So, I had to go to the bank, and one of my colleagues offered to take me. I was just told that the bank was within waking distance, so I thought, why not? But, as we’re leaving the office, he takes me through the parking lot. And heads towards a motorcycle. And puts his keys in the ignition. At this point, I’m still hoping that, I don’t know… that’s where he keeps his keys or something. Nope… the guard opens the door, and my new friend tells me to hop on!


I try to protest, saying that I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, that I’m terrified. Clearly, I can’t tell him that his countrymen drive like maniacs. He shakes his head and says ‘no no, you’ll be fine, just hold on’

Famous last words?

Ok, we were fine. Well, he was fine, and I was terrified the whole way. When we got to the bank, I was shaking. And we hadn’t really driven through any traffic! On the way back from the bank, I was actually able to enjoy the sights – we drove through a market, which was beautiful and colorful… and full of other cars and motorcycles, all driving within an inch of me. But I figured, hey, I’m not the one driving this thing, so it’s not my place to worry.  But worry I did… and I won’t lie, I closed my eyes once or twice.

Just after writing the last post, I said to myself that I wouldn’t be getting on a motorcycle here. And now I just had to, and I bet it isn’t the last time. Maybe I’ll even get used to it one day!