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Travel photo of the week

My two main passions are travel and photography. It’s really convenient that they go so well together! Here is one of my favourites. I took it last October, when I drove across Canada. The prairies were so beautiful, with all the golden fields and the hay bales. That day, the drive took me a lot longer than planned, because I just had to keep pulling over to take pictures. In true canadian tradition, someone pulled over to ask if I was ok while I was taking this picture.

Come back next Tuesday for another photo!


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It appears that my cross-Canada journey continues!

Here I am in beautiful Victoria, for a week long meeting. Last night, I found out that there’s a LOT of traveling involved in my job.


Yesterday, I took a sea plane to come here (I know!!)

20121023-074743.jpg, which was completely unexpected, and super fun.

Then, I walked out of the harbor and straight into an Enbridge protest.



Now, excuse me as I get back to my fancy-pants hotel room, before I start my meetings.

Guys, I’m stoked ๐Ÿ™‚