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Comfort food

You know, my life isn’t always glamorous travel. I know, it’s hard to believe, especially considering that I’ve been to Regina not once, but twice this year. But hey, even the most ardent globe trotters among us sometimes get laid low.

Between San Francisco, and my staff training the day after I got back, I got really tired and I caught a cold. I know, you’re scoffing. A cold! Guys, I’m sick all the time. But this time, I was a HUGE baby about it. I stayed in bed for three days (but hey, I still got work done! Just… lying down, with naps every couple of hours).

Dishes piled up in my kitchen. I was reduced to microwaving bagels for meals, because 1. it’s one of the few meals that doesn’t require a plate, and the only appliance that was still accessible behind my wall of dirty dishes, and 2. thirty seconds is about as long as I was able to spend standing up.

Today, after spending 3 hours working from bed, I napped for about two hours. I woke up feeling a bit better, and tackled my wall of dishes. My reward was one of my all-time comfort foods, egg and bread soldiers. Yes, it would have been better if my dad had prepared it for me (isn’t that always the way?), but it still made me feel better… The only thing missing are banana popsicles, but since there is no one is here to go out for me, they’ll have to wait.

What’s your failproof, feel better comfort food?