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What does one pack for 6 months in a developing country?


 – Mosquito repellant (x2)
– Sunscreen (x3 – face, body, lips)
– Salt Spring Island Dream Cream (never travel anywhere without it!)
– Polysporin
– Aveno anti-itch cream (heard the mosquitos are nasty out there!)
– Dry shampoo
– Regular shampoo
– Hairspray (yes, I’ve become that girl…)
– First aid kit(s)
– Hair flowers (Hi, Marissa!)
– Six months worth of contacts lenses + solution
– Six months worth of Malarone
– Immodium
– Cipro
– Tums
– Deodorant (x3)
– Hair colour stuff (‘that girl’ x2)
– Makeup (‘that girl’ x3) (it’s only a little bit!!)
– Toothbrush/paste
– Water purification tablets
– Razors
– Activated charcoal tablets
– Advil
– Hand sanitizer
– Sunglasses (x3)


As a list, it doesn’t look too ridiculous. As a pile of stuff on my bed, it’s terrifying, I promise.
Wait till I start posting about what clothes I’m bringing!