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Ferries are my fave

Ferries have always been, by far, my favorite mode of transportation.


(Although, apart from that time in Tijuana, I’ve never ridden a zebra. That might win) The view, the wind blowing in my face as I play the Titanic song on my iPod, the gift shop.

This morning, I had to go into Vancouver to pick up a new modem for the office. I live on the Sunshine Coast, which is only accessible by ferry. (There’s an ongoing debate, as you would expect, about building a road in down from Squamish.) So! Because I live on an almost-island, I got to take the ferry! Who gets to take a ferry to get to work! (Apart from Derek on Grey’s anatomy…)

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve loved where I live (Pretty much since I lived in Quito) Every day, I look out at the view, and I think “As if I get to live here” All I want is for you all to come visit so you can see this amazing place I get to call home. Seriously – I have a pull out couch. Come on over! You’ll get to take a ferry!



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Day one : The Big Nickel

When I was planning my itinerary, I got really excited about going through Sudbury, for one very specific reason : The Big Nickel. Most people don’t get it, but for me it definitely was a highlight. This movie is why :

I’d like to think that my journey across Canada is my very own ‘One Week’, obviously without the whole cancer diagnosis thing, and not running away from anything, but towards an exciting new job!

In order for you to feel like you’re a part of this journey, here are a few more highlights :

– I managed to leave on time! I left Ottawa at just before 9 this morning, and arrived in Sault Ste Marie just before 7 tonight!

– It was a beautiful fall day, which made 10 hours of driving through tedious Ontario forest so, so beautiful!

– I saw two llama farms!

See you tomorrow!

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A couple more pictures…

I went to get my new phone today… my very own Svmsnug! I just love it! Facebook me for the number. 

When we got back from lunch and getting my phone, there was a power cut in the building so I went out and took some pictures for you guys.

I forgot to show you guys my princess bed when I posted this morning. Notice all the crap on my bed? It’s such a pain in the ass getting out of the net that I try to keep as much stuff inside with me! Getting up to pee is the only thing I haven’t gotten around yet, and I usually have to struggle out of the net at night cause I seem to be drinking about 3L of water a day here!
This is the road to our office. I don’t know if you can see, but they plow the roads after it rains (it rained last night) because otherwise the roads are really hard to drive on!
Where I work!
The office. It’s got air conditioning! It’s really hot right now (you sweat even while sitting still), but it’s supposed to get cold in the coming months. I asked them what cold was, and they said “oh, 18 or 20 degrees” HA!

When I got back, my colleague (the motorcycle one – one of these days I’ll be learning his name!) decided to give me my Malian name. It’s a tradition that I had already been told about, and people constantly tease each other about their family names – you are either smaller/taller/stronger/funnier etc than everyone else, depending on your name. I am now known as Fatumata Diara – the Diara are the strongest, most honest people. We’re just like lions, really 😀