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Tania – A Caring Woman

Today’s HERstory brings us to the halfway point of this project, with Tania’s story! I’ve known Tania for about 10 years now, and although we’re not always in contact, it’s great to see what this strong lady is doing with her life. Keep checking in all this week for more stories!

1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

Tania – A Caring Woman

2. Where are you from? How has where you’re from shaped your life?
3. Where do you live? How has where you live shaped your life?

Aylmer, Québec – being from and living in a small city has made me more easygoing, I think. It just seems to me like living in a big city makes you rush more and be more stressed out all the time. I get to enjoy the nice things in life like trees and birds singing…(especially being so close to the country) Although I think it has made me a bit more “cautious” and maybe a little “scared” of big cities…where I find myself a bit lost and think that they are more dangerous…

4. What is your greatest achievement?

My kids!

5. What is your greatest fear?

That my children will not want to be like me and will not look up to me…

6. What would you tell a young girl who is struggling with something like her identity, bullying, not fitting in, etc.?

Obviously this might sound cliché but… Just ignore them! You’re beautiful just the way you are, and if you want to change anything because it will make YOU feel better and because YOU want to change yourself or the way you are and think, then that’s fine. But don’t do it for others… Do it for yourself! And to help bring your self esteem up (because they have clearly brought it down…) write positive affirmations about yourself! Everyday! If you don’t believe them now, you will eventually by teaching your subconscious that they are true! And most importantly, surround yourself with nice people and positive people that see the real you and not people who try to destroy you for the sake of bringing their self-esteem up (or so they think!)

7. What’s next?

What’s next? The sky’s the limit! My ultimate goal is to be the best mom that I can be by being there for my children when they need me to be and not be so miserable working an 8 to 5 job with no advancement that makes me irritable at night when I am home with them. They are my pride and joy and will always come first. I want success and will achieve it! My career goal is still to become a successful independent sales director with Mary Kay cosmetics. It will give me more time with my children and surround me with positive energy to live my life in a positive way and bring my kids up in a positive environment. My children will be proud of the mother that they have and want to strive to become great people like her! They will be proud to introduce me as their mother!