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Linda – She tried her best

Linda is Katie‘s mom. Katie was one of my kids in Katimavik, and we got along really well. She lives here in Vancouver, so when I moved here, we started hanging out. And, to make a long story short, I was adopted by their family. Linda is my mom away from home, and I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her letting me be a part of their family.


 1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

She Tried Her Best

2. Where are you from? How has where you’re from shaped your life?

I was born in Burnaby BC, moved to Markham, ON when I was 11 and back to Tsawwassen, BC when I was 14. I don’t really count my time in Ontario as it was so short but the moves were very hard for me. I think that’s why I’ve always been happier to stay put as opposed to travelling far and wide. I have also never had the urge to pick up and move my family elsewhere. (And because I was born in BC I won’t go to hell because I’m too wet to burn 🙂 )

3. Where do you live? How has where you live shaped your life?

I live in Ladner, BC. It’s a small, safe, quiet, farming and fishing, bedroom community that we refer to as a village even though it’s just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. The people are friendly and that has helped me to get past my shyness. I feel rooted here and have no desire to live anywhere else.

4. What is your greatest achievement?

This is going to sound sappy but my greatest achievement is my 4 wonderful, amazing, successful in life children.  I’m also pretty proud of the fact that I’ve been married to my husband for over 31 years.

5. What is your greatest regret? Or what is your greatest fear?

My greatest regret is that sometimes I procrastinate. For example I procrastinated for so long to take the teachers assistance program that now it feels too late in my life. My greatest fear is an easy one to answer. My greatest fear is that something bad would happen to any of my family.

6. What would you tell a young girl who is struggling with something like her identity, bullying, not fitting in, etc.?

I would tell her that she is beautiful and perfect. To try to be brave and not let other people make her feel bad about herself. That things will get better, they did for me. I would also tell her to make the best choices she can based on what she knows and feels and try not to regret those choices in the future.

7. What’s next?

Grandchildren 🙂 And helping my children become independent, happy adults.

Here is a picture that Linda sent me this picture for the project. “My sister took it to document me being brave and driving on the ferry and around Pender Island and Victoria. Something that other people do everyday without thinking about it, I know. It was a really big accomplishment for me so I think it kind of fits with the theme you’re going for.”

Linda on Pender summer 2012