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The street that my current house is on. I think I was expecting more of a city, and here, as soon as you get off the main roads, most neighbourhoods are unpaved. I think that’s what’s making it hard for me to figure out how to get anywhere! As I’m typing this, I seem to remember reading that Bamako wasn’t planned as a city but is the result of an agglomeration of small villages and neighbourhoods. That would explain it!

2 thoughts on “Street

  1. Je voulais “like” cette photo mais il fait que je souscrive a WordPress et je viens de me lever, c;est trop complique! Lol!, mais j’aime cette photo ca doit etre tellement different de marcher dans une rue qui n’est pas pave…

    • It’s me Mona. I’ll get around to WordPress (maybe) but I’m having an adventure just looking at your photos and reading your words.

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